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Captcha data entry is one of the common job in these days. Different Capthca project owner pays different rate to their worker. I would personaly prefer the captcha typing job, because it is very simple, you don't need to require any experience, So I want to tell if you are a new person and don't have any experience in the online jobs, you should to start from captcha typing work. I want to share this opportunity to all the job seeker with out any fee or charges, If you are interested to part time work, visit my captcha projects detail which i briefly mentioned in this site…


KB is a well-known and durable Russian site. The rate is not set between 0.5-0.8 according your grade.Server is fast 24hours.
You can apply for payment through Web Money. The minimum payout is $1.
You don't need to pay registration fee, because it's totally free of cost.
Further more instruction about registration and login id,
Click to read more....

This site was famous as LA (lookandearn) before ,now she change her domain 
This server is also fast and work 24 hours like a kolotibablo,com
payment weekly via WMZ 
If you want to work or need any information about this project
click to


Captcha buster is simple captcha work, fast server  the rate is 0.85$/1k .

They pay you 0.85% $ for 1000 words
Captcha server speed is 24hours fast but in night time,
you can more work and get more money.
They pay you money after 1 month.
You can also use software for captcha typing,
you can open 8 window at a time for more earning.
For further more information click to captcha link...


 1. Night shift rate is 0.95/k 24hours ID:0.85/k PP rate:0.9/k
2. Case sensitive captcha
3. When can't see clearly a captcha just type " ?"- 
   Recaptcha 2. words captcha) need space and must need 
   to type 2 captcha..                                                                                                  
4. Payment is weekly for last week's work
   If you want to work at night time, you will be paid 1 $ or 
   more  than but remember you regularily work at least       
   5Hours in one day.                
   For more information click link...


 1. These are sister sites Need to work  in special time.
 2. Rate for single&team:0.85/k   PP rate 0.9/k                                  
 3.They pay you by weekly basis
1.Server are faster 24/7, Super faster at night time, So please increase workers in night shift.
They have 2 server so, you have advantage to work at a both
if one server speed is not satisfied.
For registration and login ID
Click the link....

 Payment: - Rate : 0.60$/1k, server speed is super fast but only at night time
 *Pay when the server reset 
2.Only work on our software:
Download New Software update on 1st.Jan.2012
*They pay you by weekly.
* Have captcha 24/7, super fast server. 
Best speed in night time.
For more information:
Click the captcha name                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Payment Rate: ==== ( fixed)---> 0.60/k
*Payout weekly at last Thursday   
*Minimum payout is 1$.
*Team and individual must:
*Accuracy more than 85%
*Experience. // If have not yet Experience, must be tested in 1 hour before get real ID //
For Login detail click the captcha name

Notice1.server is 16hrs,work time 8:00AM-24:00PM (GMT-5) India time:6:30PM-10:00AM
2.Non-case sensitive
3.Payment rate is 0.85/k  PP rate:0.9/k
4.Pay by weekly
For more information about Login ID and work.
Click to captcha link

Only night shift ids
Captcha load very fast 24hours per day
This job calculate100% accurate example type 10 count 10
CAPTCHASOLVER:  Rate is 0.70     night shift rate 0.75
For more information click to captcha lunk


Captchatrader is a new site. You can earn 7 credits for solving a text recognition CAPTCHA and 3 credits for solving an image recognition CAPTCHA.You can request payment through PayPal/AlertPay/Amazon Gift Card. The captcha rate is 1$/10000 credits, that mean 0.7$/k.
For more information:
Click the link...

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5 May 2013 10:18

hi sir this is Rahul i want to do captcha work so please help me out how to start this .. my email id is rahulkt0@gmail.con kindly contact me on the same e-mail id ...thanks

6 May 2013 00:12

like to do yhis work

31 August 2013 23:36

hello users for captcha typing job with out investment please visit

5 September 2013 10:04

Hello Sir,
I am Sanjoy, I want to do captcha work so please help me out how to start this. my email id is kindly contact me on the e-mail id

14 September 2013 19:43

i am outstanding captcha worker plz check my all work activities i sure YOU ARE VERY IMPRESS

28 October 2013 10:42

A very nice informational blog. Keep on making such important blog post. Your work is really being appreciated by someone.

yes Srinitya Rapolu Thanks for Appreciation

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