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In my opinion, there are few reasons, the first reason is; mostly Pakistani use internet for entertainment purposes such as for watching songs, movies and playing games, also they use it mostly for chatting, Facebook etc to make friends & make conversations with girls. So most of their time is wasted in useless activities.
The weaker English might be another reason for this. In Pakistan, a majority of students belong to middle class or even lower class families; who can’t afford studying in high English medium schools/colleges. The schools/colleges they are studying in; can not make their English stronger, and as per my experience, students don’t hard work to learn English in private institutes. A matriculation/intermediate passed student in Pakistan can’t write an article in English and if we compare India to Pakistan, the metric students can fully speak, read and write English with fluency in India. Therefore, India is ahead than Pakistan in terms of Making Money Online on the internet.
To be noted that there are also many genius guys out there from Pakistan who make a smart income online with their skills such as Muhammad Mustafa Ahmedzai of, Abed Beli of, Rehan Allahwala of, Syed Faizal Ali of and Arsalan Hassan of clip-bucket & There are dozens of other amazing guys from Pakistan, which is somehow a great sign for the country’s future.

Is Making Money Online Possible in Pakistan?

yes it is 100% true, you can make money online if you have strong some of the skills such as web designing skills, web development skills, SEO Skills, writing skills, Strong English. Making money online is same like making income offline, when you have skills & ability then you can get a job at any office or if you have money you can start a business in offline world. The online world also requires the same steps, if you have skills then you can convert that into money. And if you have money then you can start business online. So these points should be kept in mind before thinking of earning, and if right now you don’t have any skills then first try to build your skills and then come into the ground. And you can easily learn almost everything free of cost on the internet.
Ok, Now the real resources are following for earning money online in Pakistan: 
#1. Blogging (with Advertisements)
This is the easiest way to earn money online, you just need to start a blog/website and work hard on it, start a blog/website on a topic in which you have a strong grip, means you have skills/knowledge in that topic, so you can work comfortably. You can start your website/blog with WordPress or Blogger. Displaying advertisements on your blog/site is one of the easiest way to make income online for which you can use following ad networks:
  • Google Adsense
  • BuySellAds
  • Adwager
  • Infolinks
  • Chitika
  • PublicityClerk
  • Infinityads
  • Contera
Note: On your blog/site you can also offer products, services to the clients/visitors, so people can directly hire you via your blog and can give you projects or can buy your products, this way you’ll earn more money apart from advertisements.
#2. Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is another way to make big cash, in this method you have to promote other people/companies products and when someone buys the product, you are given a commission which is usually from 20% to 50%. You can also display affiliate banners on your website. Following websites provides you to earn money by promoting their products:
  • ClickBank
  • Sharesale
  • BlueHost
  • HostGator
  • HosterPK
  • Many many others
#3. Freelancing
This is the third successful method to earn online, however it requires skills in which you have efficiency. Because on all freelance websites you’ll have to work professionally according to international standards. There are millions of projects waiting for you over these freelancing websites, but you should know the required skills for the projects. However, freelance websites pay you on time and give you full opportunities. Here is the list of popular freelance platforms:
Out of above resources; Blogging is one of the most effective way to earn money online. By doing blogging you can monetize your content with Google Adsense which is a high paying PPC advertising network and working fine for Pakistan users. Affiliate marketing is another way to earn money with blogging, but with this you need to have a decent amount of traffic from countries like USA, UK and Canada etc. And freelancing is good for all professionals who know to solve problems & create great things.
There are many other ways out there which you can also to make money online in Pakistan such as Article Writing, Data Entry, Forex trading, establishing online business, providing services, offer products etc, but these methods require specific requirements which can’t be met by everyone. And the the above mentioned 3 ways (Blogging, Affiliate Marketing & Freelancing) is suitable for everyone and are consistent ways.
This article covered some of the facts about Making money online in Pakistan, I explained the consistent ways of online incomes which were blogging, affiliate marketing & freelancing. You can make income easily by establishing a website/blog, work on that for 6 months, build your community/visitors and then apply ads of different networks. You’ll start making income from blogging. For affiliate marketing you’ll promote people/companies products and when products are sold by your referral link, you are given a commission of 20% to 50%. And you can also make money by working online as a freelancer, this way you’ll need to take projects from websites mentioned at method #3, and after completing the project you’ll be paid for that. For blogging you need to have knowledge of English, web designing & SEO. For affiliate marketing you should also have knowledge of English & a website. For freelance work you must have efficiency in the subject you want people to hire you for example web development, php or any other subject that you mention in your profile.
Let me know if you have questions in your mind, also take few seconds to share this post with all of your friends on social media networks. And Wish you a Happy & blessed Ramadan Mubarak. 
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